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Watch our recent webinar about "Traffic analysis with TomTom's huge historical traffic information database"

During this webinar, you’ll find out about TomTom’s largest car centric database of more than 6 trillion anonymously-collected data points, providing data for over 30 countries. Learn how businesses and governments use this data to analyze driving behavior, to identify traffic congestion points or how they use it for before-and-after data for studies in the light of traffic-calming measurement.




A short overview of our Traffic products

Speed Profiles

Historical Traffic

Time is money, so determine the fastest route and accurate ETA at different times of the day.

Custom Travel Times

Historical Traffic

Analyse travel times and delays for each section of a specific route during different times of the day.

Custom Area Analysis

Historical Traffic

Analyse traffic congestion and wide-area road network performance with actual driven travel times and speeds on any stretch of road over any period of time and time of day.

HD Traffic

Real Time Traffic

Keep updated with up-to-the minute incident and congestion information, for optimal navigation.

HD Flow

Real Time Traffic

Choose the fastest road by having an overview what’s happening in real time on the entire road network..

HD Route Times

Real Time Traffic

Providing highly accurate real time info & delay times on any route, HD Route Times optimizes specific routes or can be used for permanent solutions.